We can assist or represent you in different fields of law such as criminal law, personal and family law, inheritance law, commercial and financial law, construction law, tenancy law, media law, insurance and liability law, contract law and company law.

In which particular matters

AD­VO­CANT offers its expertise in various legal fields. The primary focus of the firm is advising individuals and businesses. Should a client find themselves in a conflict, AD­VO­CANT initially tries to mediate between the parties involved, potentially to come to a settlement. In the case of a truly embittered situation, we offer the necessary assistance in the conduct of proceedings.

Fields of law that are covered include criminal law, personal and family law, inheritance law, commercial and financial law, construction law, tenancy law including commercial leases (everything related to property), media law, insurance and tort law, contract law and company law.

In the case of criminal law, AD­VO­CANT initially offers information concerning the proliferation of norms restricted to criminal law (such as money laundering, financial criminal law, social criminal law, environment etc.). We negotiate in order to prevent criminal prosecution but also possess the necessary expertise to assist our clients in proceedings before court, which holds true for both victims and the accused.

In the fields of insurance and liability law, AD­VO­CANT assists its clientele in negotiations with insurers, provides expertise and advises or litigates in disputes about the extent to which physical or moral damage has been caused.
On contract law, AD­VO­CANT offers the required expertise in the drafting of special agreements, such as sale, (commercial) rent, acquisition ..., in which the rights and duties of the various parties are accurately recorded. Specialised matters concerning real estate structures are also part of the office’s expertise.

Both individuals and businesses are faced with unpaid invoices or other negligent contracting parties. AD­VO­CANT ensures tailored collection and develops an efficient debtors policy for the client.
In the occurrence of conflicts between shareholders and the directors of companies or for cases relating to directors’ liability or the abuse of corporate assets, AD­VO­CANT lends advice and assists ventures and individuals in safeguarding their rights. When negotiation is no longer a possibility and litigation is the only remaining option, we stand by you with the necessary expertise, accumulated from years of practical experience.

In the context of estate planning, company law can often offer the protection of assets, which cannot be obtained through other branches of the law. Working out appropriate statutes, shareholder agreements or family charters, establishing partnerships, foundations, ... are all ways to keep assets within the family and to secure the family peace.

AD­VO­CANT advises clients in the structuring, managing and transferring of assets to future generations.

Assisting clients in formulating their objectives to preserve the family peace determines how family assets can be organised in terms of civil law. Then, having covered this, we consider fiscal optimisation.

In the context of divorce, AD­VO­CANT initially attempts to mediate in order to correctly come to an agreement, thus potentially avoiding a divorce battle.

However, our office will also assist you when litigating is called for in order to swiftly obtain measures regarding visitation rights with the children, alimony and other such urgent needs.

The complexity of the new forms of cohabitation, including the many new blended families, makes it imperative to record clear agreements, be it by contract or will. Depending on whether the persons to protect are the children or the surviving partner, custom work will be necessary.

The numerous variations on reconstituted families and other forms of cohabitation make it impossible for the legislator to have a ready-made solution at hand for every situation, which in turn means that experience and ingenuity is required to reach a durable settlement that is securely rooted in thoughtful agreements.

In the context of the protection of persons with disabilities, AD­VO­CANT can assist you with provisionary guardianship and extended minority.

Years of experience in litigation puts AD­VO­CANT in the position to anticipate situations that have created problems for others and allows us to protect our clients from proceedings in the drafting of agreements. A lawyer: the sooner, the better.

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