ADVOCANT makes the difference by combining thorough expertise with clear communication. That way, we guarantee full commitment to your case in different areas of expertise.

Knowledge & expertise

AD­VO­CANT is a group of lawyers originating from individual practices that fused into one law firm in 1992 in order to be able to provide the widest possible array of services to their clientele, across the various subdomains of law.

The government’s ever-increasing urge towards regulation forces the legal profession into specialisation, even if it cannot be advertised as such, as specialisations in legal sub-domains are still not officially recognised.

That is why AD­VO­CANT unites lawyers that have each gained considerable expertise in their own spheres of interest, thus enabling the office to guarantee high quality service in most areas of law.

Conversely, specialisation can quickly lead to niche formation. A practice lawyer who only monitors his sub-domain of the law becomes alienated from other legal matters, preventing him from taking advantage of the developments taking place in other areas of law.

At AD­VO­CANT this formation of niches is prevented by the continuous exchange of ideas that takes place every day. Only within interactive forms of cooperation such as this can advanced specialist knowledge be used to its maximum potential in a creative manner.

The associates aligned their respective disciplines in such a way that external expertise need only be invoked in exceptional cases.

In the rare cases where no sustainable familiarity with the material at hand exists within the group, AD­VO­CANT creates partnerships with the most competent specialists in the relevant fields.

AD­VO­CANT has grown into a household name in the Antwerp legal profession, boasting a permanent staff of lawyers who, over the years, have built both an extensive private law library and personal know-how, that are permanently available to all colleagues.

The associates and employees of AD­VO­CANT are committed to continuously updating their legal sophistication. Many hours go into this process, of which none are charged to clients.

In order to be able to provide our clientele with the appropriate services we continue to invest in this knowledge every day, as knowledge and expertise are our principal assets.

ExpertiseMany of the members of AD­VO­CANT have assumed leadership positions in both the Antwerp Bar and the Flemish Bar, which all Flemish lawyers are part of.

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