ADVOCANT is committed to a swift and sound service to its clientele.

Full commitment

Lawyers have an ethical duty to withhold from a case when they are unable to lend their advice in complete independence.

It is, after all, imperative that the client is confident that no one in the office represents other interests than those of the client. Any interests of an office should never take precedence over those of the client.

Before opening a new file, our standard procedure is to verify that no other involved parties are/were represented by the office.

Should this be the case, the new file is automatically refused, unless no doubt can exist that there is absolutely no conflict of interest and that confidential information from one file cannot be used for the other.
We take this approach because confidentiality is one of the cornerstones of our profession: a lawyer can only advise a client about their legal status when he has access to all relevant information.Engagement

It is thus in the client’s best interest to lay their cards on the table and not to withhold any information. Therefore they must always be confident that everything they tell their lawyer is strictly confidential and that none of it will ever be used against them.

AD­VO­CANT is committed to a swift and sound service to its clientele. We fully realise that our clients look forward to the desired results and therefore we strive to show the diligence with which we treat their cases.

To this end we have internally developed special procedural regulations that must be respected by our employees in their communication with their clients.

We use special software at the office which ensures that these rules are lived up to on a daily basis, so that no delay may go unnoticed. Because we fully realise that speed, too, is important. So that your patience is never put to the test.

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