We believe it's important that our client's expectations are met completely. That's why we guarantee transparent and clear communication.

Clear communication

The satisfaction of our clientele about the expectations placed on the office is high at the top of our list of priorities. However, some clients have unrealistic expectations. At AD­VO­CANT we consider it our duty to warn them when this is the case. 

For, when they took their oaths, our lawyers committed themselves only to develop arguments and lend advice that they can stand behind themselves.

When it becomes apparent that a client’s desires exceed what can be reasonably expected of their lawyer, they will be made aware of this.

ExpertiseIndeed, expectations that cannot be met lead to dissatisfaction. That is why we consider managing the expectations of our clientele a very important task. Each file therefore begins with a SWOT analysis.

A lawyer is not a champion of the law, nor is he responsible for the proper functioning of society: he is partial and he defends the rights of his client. Right off the bat, we tell you we are headed and how far we are willing to go.

It is important that our cooperation is fully transparent. Right from the start, clear agreements are made concerning the method of calculating the due fees and costs. This information is also immediately confirmed in writing, so that you too know what we expect from you.

You will be informed of every action that is taken in a case. AD­VO­CANT considers active case management to be of paramount importance: we are here to assist you when a response to a certain matter is needed. Should additional information be required in such a case, we will first request it from you.                 

Naturally, we are also happy to discuss matters with you over the phone. We have set up a system which allows you to directly reach the lawyer who is handling your case, without having to be put through a dozen times. Should the person you wish to speak with not be present, they will call you back themselves.

Clear communication

If, despite all this, things should take a turn for the worse, we have a service that thoroughly investigates any complaints as to permanently improve our services.


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